Monday, April 6, 2009

So here's what has happened since my last post....

And really it is SUCH a good thing that I posted on Tuesday because Wednesday was the last day that I was even on my computer! So here was the rest of my week:
  • WEDNESDAY: Had an upset stomach in the morning, something I ate the night before did not agree with me AT ALL. I was a little late for work as a result, but then worked more overtime anyway, so it didn't matter. Came home and pretty much went straight to bed.
  • THURSDAY: More overtime at work. (I really hate my job, at this point. I hate overtime; it takes away from knit time, and doggie time, and...) Came home to walk my doggies. I was going to go to Mauricio's to wait for Jake to come in but Luke called and offered me Chipotle for dinner, so I went and hung out at his house. I took like 5 books from him, so now I've got new reading material. :) Jake's plane didn't end up getting in until almost 10pm because of delays and weather and what not. Got him to the hotel. Came home, showered and slept.
  • FRIDAY: Woke up early and ran around like a mad woman packing up clothes and getting dressed so that I could go from work to Mauricio's. I wanted to stay at his house because the pool I was officiating at was 10 minutes from his house, and about 60 minutes from my house. Got to work. Finished the day early for once! YAY? Not really, I was told I had to stay until at least 6 or until the backed up useless worthless retarded busy work was finished. I stayed until 6:05. The BS work still wasn't finished. When I got out I called Mauricio and ranted and raved for a straight half hour about how stupid that place is and how I hate it and I want to quit and I need a new job, etc.
  • SATURDAY: Went to officiate. We had more lax rules for this meet, so no DQs. I hate when they do that. What's the point of me being there watching AWFUL swims that should deeq, if we aren't even enforcing the rules... (BTW I'm probably one of the meanest of the officials, I usually DQ everyone.) I got some awkward sunburns from my two hours outside... and at the same time I was COLD! I mean, come on! Went back to Mauricio's ate a sandwich went to get my hair done. My poor stylist/friend was something wrong with a tendon in her wrist so she was slow, and I felt bad. :( After Mauricio and I were finished with hair appts we picked up Chinese food and ate. Then I went home.
  • SUNDAY: Stayed home all day, other than the short running of errands to finish my swap packages. Spent some time playing with my dogs, did some knitting. Luke brought Sirius over and he and Bravo got into my Nana's goldfish pond. ROFL! I got ALL but one of the swap packages I'm working on done. HOORAY!!! The last one will finish tonight.
And now I'm going to take my two monsters outside, get dressed, leave for work and stop at the post office so I can mail my packages. Hear that Lydia? Your package is going out today! :)

And that's it for me for now. This week should be more of a normal week. AND I only work 4 DAYS!!! Because I'm going to San Diego for the weekend!!!

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Ronnica said...

Woo for vacations! What will I do without you, though? ;) Kidding. I'll survive. Go, have fun! It still cracks me up that Mauricio won't get a haircut without you, lol.