Monday, March 29, 2010

Homework Assignment #1 - My 3 Character Choices

Okay, so he wasn't TECHNICALLY on the list of characters. BUT he is my absolute favorite (*points to blog title and the sidebar*) and I can easily go into detail and explain why. So here it goes.

I love Dobby for SO MANY reasons. I love his loyalty. I love his quirkiness. I love that he is entirely selfless, and just so true to himself. He went against his masters to try and save Harry Potter (even if he had a funny way of doing it). He wanted to be free and he enjoys his freedom, but he isn't trying to force it on the other house elves. I just love that he is who he is. I love that he has a different way of thinking than anyone else. I'm not sure that anyone else would've come up with the same ways to try and "save" Harry in "Chamber of Secrets." Dobby marches to the beat of his own drummer. He loves his socks, he wears tea cozies, he is just and incredible being.

Also, I want to add that I have SUCH an affinity to Dobby that I straight up CRIED in "Deathly Hallows." I think a book has only ever made me tear up once, maybe twice, but with Dobby I CRIED. I also would've been pissed if Bellatrix lived and he hadn't been "avenged." I cheered when Molly gave her hers.

Sirius was my second favorite in the book. I appreciated the family connection in the Wizarding world that Sirius provided Harry. Even more than that though I love Sirius' spirit. He was a man that acted. He didn't sit and think about things; he didn't like to sit still; he just acted. That may have been a bad thing, but I liked it. I also admired him for that, seeing as how I'm someone who over-thinks decisions so often that I end up flipping coins. I also totally love him changing into a dog. OH! And I like that he was in hiding and traveling to all sorts of parts of the world and using exotic birds to deliver Harry letters.

Fleur Delacour
I like her because she's pretty. AND she has the same name as me!
In all seriousness, I feel that I've always needed to root for the only female triwizard champion. AND even though she didn't maybe do as awesome as the boys, she did all of that looking AMAZING. I love it. I also love Fleur for her haughtiness. I also really think that her dedication to her family (shown both with the love for her sister and the family she married into) is really awesome.
EDIT: (I forgot this bit earlier.) I always liked Fleur because she is either completely oblivious to people's opinions towards her OR she just doesn't care what she thinks and she'll just go on being herself and doing what she wants. I know that if I was her, I wouldn't have been able to stay in the house with Molly and Ginny having the attitudes toward me that they had toward her. :)

Saturday, March 27, 2010

..These are a few of my favorite things....

Favorite Colors: turquoise, kelly green, RED, yellow, pink (in any shade), blue/brown combinations, pink/brown combinations, ... I like really BOLD and bright colors. Currently I'm on a big GREEN kick, but that could change any day now. I cycle through colors and spent a month or so buying EVERYTHING (clothes, accessories, yarns, shoes, decorations..) in that color until a new one hits me. I've also been on the look out for good YELLOWS. I like the brighter more true yellows that aren't hi-lighter-ish or overly brown/gold.

Favorite Scents: In terms of perfumes, Ralph Lauren RALPH or Diesel Fuel for Life. In terms of candles, Vanilla and maybe cinnamon apple in the fall. I'm not really big on scents though...

Favorite Yarn Brands: Malabrigo (all weights), Cosmic Fibers, Hand Maiden, Dragonfly Fibers, Sundara ... Anyone that makes sock yarn in multiple colors...

Favorite Yarn Types: Wools and silks. I'm not a fan of cotton.

Favorite Needles: I prefer circs for most anything and for those I love knitpicks metal ones or addis. IF I am going to use DPNs I only use wood ones, like KP Harmony bc I've either broken or bent any other bamboo or metal ones.

Favorite Snacks
: guacamole, almonds, oreos, mike & ikes, coffee, diet coke (it's an addiction), raisinettes, chocolate, brownies (I've recently been accused of maybe like brownies TOO much, I say no such thing.)

Allergies: melons, grasses and pollens, any metals for jewelry that aren't at least .925 Sterling Silver or 10k gold (be glad you're not having to buy me jewelery ;) )

The Loopy Ewe

Current Knits... And these photos are the silver lining on a looooooong week

So I had a rough week that consisted of having a fever and a head cold from hell. I did get a new nefarious in the mail this week and that cheered me considerably. :)

I'm supposed to be packing for next week's move and I've not been doing a very job of helping or staying on task, so I don't want to waste MORE time blogging, but I do have some mosaics of my current WIPs... and recent stashes for you viewing pleasure.

I started my clapotis. I love it so far. It's a very easy project, now that I've gotten the hang of alternating with two skeins.

Here are the WIPs:
(heavily featuring my new clapotis because I am in love with it)

Here are my pretties:

Wednesday, March 17, 2010