Monday, April 20, 2009

My Kit is here! My kit is here!

My kit package from Centy B was waiting for me when I came home from work today. I am absolutely in love with the entire thing. :) It is such an awesome kit I love it! I love it! I'm glad there was no chocolate... it would've melted. It's 92 degrees right now...

Here's some pictures:
(The only thing not pictured are treats that were for my doggies... I gave them each one because they were sniffing it like crazy and wouldn't go away. The treat got Bravo to leave, Rocky not so much. Even though I put the treats up with their other treats Rocky still thought there would be more. He's silly like that.)

Here's the box when I first opened it:

And some shots of the bag and the pattern
I love this bag! It's the first felted bag I've ever had. :D And it's HUGE!

Here's the yarn and some extras... Mike and Ikes are my favorite candy. I carry them around in my purse with me. One of my cousins gave me 6 boxes for Christmas, and I have already eaten them all. LOL So it's good to get more.
The yarn is Black Bunny Fibers BFL superwash in "nimbus" (And is SO pretty!)
There are monkey shaped DPN holders, size 2 INOX needles, a blue paisley note pad with a magnet, a wicked witch note pad (really love that one), a bar of handmade soap, cable needles, mini m&ms, a tape measure (believe it or not, I never had one before)
And you can see Rocky sniffing around for more treats... Sorry, puppy that's ALL MINE. :)

And this is everything all together!

Thank you so much Centy! This was one of the best packages I have ever recieved. I love ALL of it! You're the best!!!!


dogwithbooks said...
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dogwithbooks said...

Where in the H.E.Double-Hockey-Sticks do you live for it to be 92 degrees? (We're freezing and rain-soaked in UPstate NY:(

Fleur Sweeting said...

Las Vegas, NV

The desert is rather good at being hot. LOL

Veronica said...

What a great kit, Luc! Lucky Duck. :) I'm so glad that you finally have a felted bag. You know what I just realized? I've made a bunch of felted bags... wouldn't even be able to remember how many, but I don't own a single one! LOL!