Sunday, September 13, 2009

Here is my finished, dry and blocked Ishbel... It's beautiful and I LOVE it!!! :D I am still not over the EVIL EVIL pins but I like my finished result. And I have ordered wires and better pins for my blocking future.

Here are the pictures of my Titania's Revenge progress. In the pictures they are about 3 1/2 repeats of the leg pattern done. I've now finished 4. The flash on the camera really caught all of the colors really well. When there isn't direct light the yarn looks like a tonal dark maroon/purple. The colors are really beautiful though. :)

Up next (now that I'm lace and shawl obsessed) is Percy. I'm going to use some Malabrigo lace in indigo that I just ordered from the Loopy Ewe this weekend. It'll be a KAL with Rowena and Olive. :) I'm excited to get started. That'll be my first lace project with lace weight yarn. My first lace weight yarn at all!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Ishbel is Finished!

Right now it's blocking... And I'm buying wires on payday. Because pins are evil... They are evil time consuming tedious evil little bastards. I'm happy for my shawl though!!! :)

BTW: This was a 16 day project from start to finish, I amaze myself sometimes. I've never knit so fast ever.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Rough Week

I started my new job, which while it's leaps and bound better than my old job, I still wish that I had a job relating to what I wanted to do... So far it's been good and I have gotten the hang of most all of theing that I am supposed to do, but it's tiring and it's a little crazy. I feel like this last week has been 2 weeks.

Also this week I was supposed to start up my class that was going to be a prereq for the program I want to get into to get certificates to work in the hospital, but because of strange admin rules that I wasn't really aware of, I dropped myself out and was unable to get back in. I'll sign up for ext semester and take the class and the lab online.

Also this week my bf's grandfather died. It's been sort of a rough week with that. His grandfather was probably my favorite member of his family. Today is the viewing and funeral...

So that's where I have been all week, if anyone missed me. ;)