Monday, April 20, 2009

Stash and WIPs and other Pictures

It was really nice outside this Sunday. And I was puppy-sitting. So I took the dogs outside and took some pictures.

These are pretty flowers. Technically they're desert weed flowers, but since I have a "black thumb" and would kill anything that I tried to grow, I appreciate what will grow on it's own. The orange ones are some of my favorites. :) When my Nana's garden is in full bloom in a couple of weeks I'll take pictures of it. It is gorgeous when everything is in bloom. :)

Here's the three boys playing outside.
(For anyone that has forgotten: The pug is Rocky. The brown/grey lab is Bravo. The Black lab is Luke's dog Apollo, who should have been name Sirius.)
This time there was no running into Nana's yard and trying to take a swim in the fish pond... Because, yes that totally happened 2 weeks ago.

And here's what I have been up to lately with knitting:

Star Crossed Slouchy Beret in Berroco Peruvia Colors #7226
This was made for a swap package with a Freaks and Geeks theme. The package has been recieved so I feel safe posting the pictures now. This was fun to make, I think I might have to make myself one now. :)

The second section for my Scarf Travels group 5... Done with leftovers from the Beret.
It's the "holding hands feeding ducks" scarf pattern which is a star stitch.
I think it turned out really nice looking. :) I hope that Denise likes it too. :)

I'm still working on the scarf section for group 3 still. I didn't get that one until right before my trip. I'm doing it in some red cascade 220. :) But I have begun to rethink that and might switch to some Malabrigo that is partially left over instead.

This is what progress I've made on my Hedwig socks... Which I know isn't much, but this is my "in between projects project" and so it's going to move slowly. BUT they will get done eventually.

I'm also working on some Monkeys in my Yarn Pirate Merino/Tencel in the jungle colorway, but there isn't much of those to justify a picture yet... There was at one point, but I had to frog and so now I've only got a little of the cuff. (I don't want to talk about the frog experience. I was PISSED.)

And some old-ish updates and pictures. :)

From Easter:
Sara with her learn to knit project :)
(Please ignore the mess in the background... I just came home from a trip...)

Sara was over at my house for Easter dinner. I came back home from San Diego literally just in time for dinner. Sara is wearing one of the dresses that I bought her for her 7th birthday. :) After dinner Sara wanted to play with me and she decided to try on pretty much every single pai of shoes that I owned, minus some of the flip flops. I have over 50 pairs of shoes so that kept her entertained for quit some time. Then she wanted me to teach her how to knit. So I let her pick some yarn and worked with her for a little while. These are pictures of her with her WIP. LOL She's a goofball and I love her. :)

A story about my VERY VERY best friend...

My very best friend Veronica (known as Rowena Bladvak at Hogwarts) send me goodies with her husband when he came for his interview. Among these goodies were HandMaiden sea silk in a colorway that I love and have found impossible to find. She also bought me a Beatles project bag and DPN roll. I love the Beatles. I'm a little crazed about them. I have every single one of their songs on my iTunes. (I even have multiple versions of a lot of their songs.) There was more to the gifts to. Some mix cds, some pattern marker magnets (or whatever their called), and some oreos (a favorite treat of mine). I really love her. I seriously think that she may be the greatest person in the world. I have the greatest best friend in the entire world. (And I have Hogwarts and Ravelry to thank for that.) I admire her for her strength and her survival skills. And when she's having a rough time it kills me that I can't just go give her a hug and make it better. :(

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Veronica said...

You. Made. Me. Cry. That's not cool, man. LOL Seriously though? Every day I wake up sad because it isn't June yet. We're going to spend a day apartment hunting in June, right? :)