Thursday, September 18, 2008


Normally I'm not a HUGE Halloween fan... I normally get irritated over how stupid people my own age act over the holiday. However, I LOVE carving pumpkins (just check out my 2 favorites from a 2 years ago below) and I LOVE handing out candy to little kids.However, this year I'm super excited for halloween. I have ideas for at LEAST 7 pumpkins... Mostly themed, and I'm not leaking any of my ideas out. I'll post pictures when I finish them though. :) I almost have an entire costume ready. (I just need a couple of things.) Mauricio and I actually even decided on matching, couple costumes... We're going to be Speed Racer (Mauricio's costume obviously) and Trixie (my costume, and Speed's gf if you're not dorky enough to know.) I might even dress Rocky up as Chim-Chim. He and I are are planning/working on a party for the holiday since it's actually on a Friday and we both actually can do stuff... Plus most of our friends are available for fun too. Yesterday I spent, I kind you not, looking for costume accesories and missing pieces and different decorations for almost 2.5 hours yesterday. And then I rambled on about it all for about 2 hours to Mauricio who is totally exhausted this week between not really having a relaxing weekend, school (which was all tests this week for him... I sympathize, but his test load isn't as hard as mine ever was...), and working so I don't think he was listening all that much. So I'm posting all my excitement here. Hoping that maybe other people will like hearing about it. :)


Lesley said...

I too very excited for Halloween..! I like your idea.

YogaKnot said...

Awesome! I love carving pumpkins too! Halloween is one of my favorite holidays, so much fun!


Ronnica said...

I can't wait to see all your pumpkins! The girls have their costumes already. Maddy is going as Spiderman, and Laura is going as Sleeping Beauty (Because I quote: "Her's the pink princess") :)