Saturday, September 6, 2008

Excuses... Excuses...

Apparently, despite my new resolve and my constant thinking of only knitting, the only knitting that I got done this entire week was done on Sunday, while I marathon watched season 2 of Dexter... and not much progress was made on any one thing because I was way too A.D.D. seriously switched between all three of my WIPs constantly... Plus, I was paying A LOT of attention to Dexter. New season starts the 28th!! Then I finally joined the masters team this week, so I've been getting up around 4:30am to go swim, and then go to work from there. Then I come home and pass out, literally on a couple of occasions... Today I cleaned out my room, and baby sat Sara and Ellie. I think Ellie is actually starting to like me, finally.

Basically this post served to make several lame excuses for not knitting... Tomorrow is breakfast at Nana's, I'm not sure if I'm going yet though... I'll see if I feel up to facing my stupid aunts and uncles when I wake up. Right now I'm leaning towards the NO option, but we'll see. If Luke goes, I'll feel more obligated to go, and if Mauricio wants to go then I'll have to, but with the 2 of them there the stupidness of my stupid relatives won't bother me as much. Then Mauricio and I are meeting up with some friends at a bar to kick of football season. Should be fun! But it's unlikely I'll get any knitting done tomorrow either. lol

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Ronnica said...

::woot:: Yeah Dexter! :D