Friday, September 5, 2008

For the new term/my VIPs

I stole this idea from a friend of mine on LiveJournal, but it's actually a good idea so I'm going to use it here. Basically I'm going to use this post to explain who all of the important people in my life are so that every time I make a post (which I'm vowing to do more frequently) I don't feel that it's necessary to say that Sara is my mother's friend from works daughter whom I adore and babysit all the time OR Luke is the elder of my two younger brothers who.... anyway, you get the point. And then I'll link to this post in my sidebar under "VIPs" so that anyone can find it when I mention a person. It'll also be a work in progress so, I'll update it with information. So here it goes:

Updated Jan 26, 2009

Family Members:
  • Mom - my mom is the literacy specialist at an elementary school
  • Dad is currently in Wyoming working. He should be home at Thanksgiving.... Back from Wyoming... Now he sits at home and hinders my tv usage... LOL
  • Rocky - my pug... I baby him and humanize him too much and I'm sure the Dog Whisperer would tell my that is the reason he doesn't always listen to me.
  • Luke... The older of my 2 younger brothers. He's 3 years younger than me. We used to be SUPER close, not as much anymore; he's moved out, I've graduated, we work different jobs, but we still hang out occasionally. If I have a complex relationship with anyone, it's my brother Luke.
  • Logan... My other younger brother. He's 7 years younger than me. He and I are pretty close. He likes most of the same movies and tv shows that I do.... And he reads the same comic books. Like Luke (and I guess me) he's a swimmer too.
  • Nana and Papa - are my grandparents and they live next door to us
  • Aynsley - My cousin, she's my age and the person who taught me how to knit. She used to live next door with my grandparents, but now she lives in boulder city. She hates everything girlie... Her younger sister Rachel works with me.
  • Mauricio - my bf of 4+ years. We've known each other for nearly 8 years. He works at the Palm's hotel and Casino as a front desk clerk/VIP clerk. He likes science fiction and is majoring in history... He wants to go to law school... Most of our friends/some family members have trouble pronouncing his name so he gets called Mo. He's Cuban/Mexican and his entire family speaks Spanish. His grandparents are his only relatives still in Vegas and they only speak Spanish... His parents live outside of Salt Lake City.
  • Alex - Mauricio's best friend, he's a bartender/waiter
  • Some of Mauricio's work friends that we hang out with: Jason - an assitant manager, Lyndsey - recently engaged to her bf of 6 years
  • Veronica/Ronnica/Rowena Bladvak - appently she has lots of names.. lol... She's my long lost twin that I met in the HSKS5 swap. I'll be venturing to the East Coast for the first time ever and visiting her in February! Her blog
  • Michelle - my bfff (which is kind of a joke between us)... she's been my friend for 10+ years. I love her death but she literally drives me to the limits of my sanity on a daily basis. I work with/for her... she got me the job... More or less I've been driven to the limits of my sanity with her right now... I've been avoiding her.
  • April - She is the younger sister I never had. She was on the swim team that I coached, and my brothers swam for... She used to live SUPER close to us so we gave her rides all the time and we've bonded. She goes to school in GA, and she swims there too. I miss her while she's at school :(
  • Sara - my 6 year old mini-me. I baby sit her frequently. She loves Fancy Nancy, princesses and is in the 1st grade. I love her. Her mom (Vanessa) works at the elementary school with my mom. Her dad is Dave and her baby sis is Ellie.
  • Armani/Bobbie (she changed her name because of identity theft, but I use both names when I talk about her) She is my hairstylst/friend. I text her ALL the time. She has a baby, Chloe who is the cutest, most well behaved baby ever.

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