Saturday, April 25, 2009

Ravenclaw Mad Lib Part Deux

I have to tell you about the FABULOUS time I had in Diagon Alley last weekend! My friend Rowena Bladvak and I decided that we really needed some new socks and had to get over to Diagon Alley immediately. Rowena Bladvak put on their studded belt because it was wicked and did not want to get a cold. I grabbed my iPhone and we headed to the trains.

While waiting for our train to Diagon Alley, we chatted with Hermione Bagnold and Millicent Brocklehurst who were planning to visit Gringott’s. Millicent Brocklehurst did not want to go alone because he/she was collecting a spaceship and that was very sticky and brought Hermione Bagnold along for their excellence in protecting spells.

The train arrived and off we went. Our seats were very comfortable and the train sped along towards Diagon Alley and we were there in a flash! Before heading to the Yrsa’s Yarn Shoppe, we went into a(n) ocean that sells the fast turkey sandwich(es)!!! As we neared the ocean, we noticed quite a lot of commotion! The ocean owner had set the turkey sandwich-making machine and it had gotten stuck! turkey sandwich(es) were barking everywhere! I ducked as a cream-filled turkey sandwich came barking right at me and it laughed into 16Professor Hagrid’s jeans just as they walked through the door! A spicy turkey sandwich did a nose dive and splattered all over the entryway most elaborately! We made it out of the store just as a turkey sandwich frog and a kettle of Bertie Bott’s every flavor beans collided in a rainstorm of goo!

Since we were still quick, we walked the 12 blocks over to Florean Fortescue’s Ice Cream Parlor! I decided on a cone with tangy ice cream and Rowena Bladvak got the hot fudge sundae with extra tobasco sauce! Yummy! 16Professor Hagrid had made their way over here as well after the incident at the turkey sandwichshoppe and had chosen a diet coke float.

After that, we passed Gringott’s and headed to Yrsa’s Yarn Shoppe! I tried not to look at the beautiful skeins of silk and bamboo and wool and instead, headed toward the socks while Rowena Bladvak stopped to sing the stitch markers. I found a witty socks made out of steel and made my purchase. Rowena Bladvak kept hedging between the socks she came for and a pattern for a mittens. She chose the mittens pattern and we walked the back towards the train station just in time to make the 12:30 train.

After sitting down, we noticed Hermione Bagnold and Millicent Brocklehurst were on the train as well. Millicent Brocklehurst looked quite wistful to have the spaceship with them. Hermione Bagnold however did not look wistful at all. While waiting to go into the vault, a baby goblin waiting in line with his Mommy, had swam on Hermione Bagnold getting chicken enchiladas all over their clean robes! The smell really was just horrendous! Apparently, Hermione Bagnold’s protecting spells don’t work well against chicken enchiladas!! We made our way to a less smelly compartment and talked about how we were going explain missing Professor Flitwick ’s lecture on the valuable ways Phoenix(es) are working with the Department of Mysteries in solving unsolvable mermaid(s)!

Monday, April 20, 2009

My Kit is here! My kit is here!

My kit package from Centy B was waiting for me when I came home from work today. I am absolutely in love with the entire thing. :) It is such an awesome kit I love it! I love it! I'm glad there was no chocolate... it would've melted. It's 92 degrees right now...

Here's some pictures:
(The only thing not pictured are treats that were for my doggies... I gave them each one because they were sniffing it like crazy and wouldn't go away. The treat got Bravo to leave, Rocky not so much. Even though I put the treats up with their other treats Rocky still thought there would be more. He's silly like that.)

Here's the box when I first opened it:

And some shots of the bag and the pattern
I love this bag! It's the first felted bag I've ever had. :D And it's HUGE!

Here's the yarn and some extras... Mike and Ikes are my favorite candy. I carry them around in my purse with me. One of my cousins gave me 6 boxes for Christmas, and I have already eaten them all. LOL So it's good to get more.
The yarn is Black Bunny Fibers BFL superwash in "nimbus" (And is SO pretty!)
There are monkey shaped DPN holders, size 2 INOX needles, a blue paisley note pad with a magnet, a wicked witch note pad (really love that one), a bar of handmade soap, cable needles, mini m&ms, a tape measure (believe it or not, I never had one before)
And you can see Rocky sniffing around for more treats... Sorry, puppy that's ALL MINE. :)

And this is everything all together!

Thank you so much Centy! This was one of the best packages I have ever recieved. I love ALL of it! You're the best!!!!

Stash and WIPs and other Pictures

It was really nice outside this Sunday. And I was puppy-sitting. So I took the dogs outside and took some pictures.

These are pretty flowers. Technically they're desert weed flowers, but since I have a "black thumb" and would kill anything that I tried to grow, I appreciate what will grow on it's own. The orange ones are some of my favorites. :) When my Nana's garden is in full bloom in a couple of weeks I'll take pictures of it. It is gorgeous when everything is in bloom. :)

Here's the three boys playing outside.
(For anyone that has forgotten: The pug is Rocky. The brown/grey lab is Bravo. The Black lab is Luke's dog Apollo, who should have been name Sirius.)
This time there was no running into Nana's yard and trying to take a swim in the fish pond... Because, yes that totally happened 2 weeks ago.

And here's what I have been up to lately with knitting:

Star Crossed Slouchy Beret in Berroco Peruvia Colors #7226
This was made for a swap package with a Freaks and Geeks theme. The package has been recieved so I feel safe posting the pictures now. This was fun to make, I think I might have to make myself one now. :)

The second section for my Scarf Travels group 5... Done with leftovers from the Beret.
It's the "holding hands feeding ducks" scarf pattern which is a star stitch.
I think it turned out really nice looking. :) I hope that Denise likes it too. :)

I'm still working on the scarf section for group 3 still. I didn't get that one until right before my trip. I'm doing it in some red cascade 220. :) But I have begun to rethink that and might switch to some Malabrigo that is partially left over instead.

This is what progress I've made on my Hedwig socks... Which I know isn't much, but this is my "in between projects project" and so it's going to move slowly. BUT they will get done eventually.

I'm also working on some Monkeys in my Yarn Pirate Merino/Tencel in the jungle colorway, but there isn't much of those to justify a picture yet... There was at one point, but I had to frog and so now I've only got a little of the cuff. (I don't want to talk about the frog experience. I was PISSED.)

And some old-ish updates and pictures. :)

From Easter:
Sara with her learn to knit project :)
(Please ignore the mess in the background... I just came home from a trip...)

Sara was over at my house for Easter dinner. I came back home from San Diego literally just in time for dinner. Sara is wearing one of the dresses that I bought her for her 7th birthday. :) After dinner Sara wanted to play with me and she decided to try on pretty much every single pai of shoes that I owned, minus some of the flip flops. I have over 50 pairs of shoes so that kept her entertained for quit some time. Then she wanted me to teach her how to knit. So I let her pick some yarn and worked with her for a little while. These are pictures of her with her WIP. LOL She's a goofball and I love her. :)

A story about my VERY VERY best friend...

My very best friend Veronica (known as Rowena Bladvak at Hogwarts) send me goodies with her husband when he came for his interview. Among these goodies were HandMaiden sea silk in a colorway that I love and have found impossible to find. She also bought me a Beatles project bag and DPN roll. I love the Beatles. I'm a little crazed about them. I have every single one of their songs on my iTunes. (I even have multiple versions of a lot of their songs.) There was more to the gifts to. Some mix cds, some pattern marker magnets (or whatever their called), and some oreos (a favorite treat of mine). I really love her. I seriously think that she may be the greatest person in the world. I have the greatest best friend in the entire world. (And I have Hogwarts and Ravelry to thank for that.) I admire her for her strength and her survival skills. And when she's having a rough time it kills me that I can't just go give her a hug and make it better. :(

Ravenclaw Homework

1- An adjective FABULOUS
2- A fellow Ravenclaw Rowena Bladvak
3- A knitting or crocheting item Socks
4- A clothing accessory Studded Belt
5- An adjective Wicked
6- Something you always have with you iPhone
7- A HSKS student1 Hermione Bagnold
8- A HSKS student2 Millicent Brocklehurst
9- A noun spaceship
10- An adjective Sticky
11- A noun ocean
12- An adjective fast
13- A food turkey sandwich
14- An adjective ending in “ing” barking
15- An adjective ending in “ed” laughed
16- A Professor at Hogwarts Hagrid
17- An article of clothing Jeans
18- A food flavor Spicy
19- A part of a room entryway
20- An adjective quick
21- A number 12
22- A food flavor tangy
23- A food topping tobasco sauce
24- A drink diet coke
25- A verb sing
26- An adjective witty
27- Something you can knit or crochet mittens
28- An adjective wistful
29- A past tense verb swam
30- A food or drink Chicken Enchiladas
31- A Professor at Hogwarts Flitwick
32- A magical creature in Harry Potter’s world Phoenix
33- A noun mermaid

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Quidditch Round 3

1. This “Harry Potter” character’s first name comes from Roman mythology. The mythological character’s twin brother is named Romulus. What is the Harry Potter character last name?
a. Black
b. Lupin
c. Pucey
d. Finnigan

2. Which “Harry Potter” character’s first name is the Roman equivalent of the Gree(k) Goddess Athena?
a. Evans
b. Malfoy
c. McGonagall
d. Flitwick

3. In ‘Harry Potter’ World, this wizard has created the Philosopher’s Stone (called the Sorcerer Stone in the US). The historical figure from the 14th and 15th centuries was a scribe and a manuscript-seller who became famous as an alchemist. Who is this individual?
Nicholas Flamel

4. What is the first name of a character whose last name is the name of a Bulgarian leader from early 9th century who doubled the country’s territory?
a. Theodore
b. Cedric
c. Viktor
d. Vincent

5. Which character’s name is the name of goddess in Indian mythology?
a. Creevey
b. Patil
c. Zabini
d. Vane

6. “Where the Wild Things Are” tells the story of Max, a young boy sent to bed without his supper for his wild antics. Who created this winner of the Caldecott Medal?
a. Maurice Sendak
b. Chris Van Allsberg
c. Ezra Jack Keats
d. John Steptoe

7. What was NOT one of the unexpected defense mechanisms that Harry, Ron, Hermione, and Griphook encountered in their attempt to rob Gringotts?
a. The Flagrante Curse
b. The Thieves’ Downfall
c. Anti-summoning Enchantments
d. The Geminio Curse

8. What was Snape aiming at when he cut off George’s ear?
a. Another Death Eater’s back
b. George’s wand hand
c. Another Death Eater’s wand hand
d. George’s face

9. How much older than James was Lily? (Referring to Harry’s parents, not children).
a. James was older
b. 6 months
c. 1 month
d. 2 months

10. Food is one of the five exceptions to what magical law?
a. Grimp’s Law of Elemental Transfiguration
b. Gamp’s Law of Elemental Transfiguration
c. Gamp’s Law of Fundamental Transfiguration
d. Grimp’s Law of Fundamental Transfiguration

Picture Hunt
(Just links this time, It's taking too long to upload anything)
Where the Wild Things Are (My youngest brother's favorite book as a child.)

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Look At My New Yarns!

It's "Lucy in the Sky" and "Lucy"
(Do you see the theme there? :) LOL)

I'm headed to San Diego for the weekend! For some rain and rain and more rain. HA! It always rains on my vacations, I swear. I really hope that the weather forecast is wrong.

I'm taking some knitting with me and probably both of my traveling scarves. So this leg of the scarf travels group is extra travel-y for me. :) I'm supe excited to get going. Maybe I should pack... haha

Monday, April 6, 2009

So here's what has happened since my last post....

And really it is SUCH a good thing that I posted on Tuesday because Wednesday was the last day that I was even on my computer! So here was the rest of my week:
  • WEDNESDAY: Had an upset stomach in the morning, something I ate the night before did not agree with me AT ALL. I was a little late for work as a result, but then worked more overtime anyway, so it didn't matter. Came home and pretty much went straight to bed.
  • THURSDAY: More overtime at work. (I really hate my job, at this point. I hate overtime; it takes away from knit time, and doggie time, and...) Came home to walk my doggies. I was going to go to Mauricio's to wait for Jake to come in but Luke called and offered me Chipotle for dinner, so I went and hung out at his house. I took like 5 books from him, so now I've got new reading material. :) Jake's plane didn't end up getting in until almost 10pm because of delays and weather and what not. Got him to the hotel. Came home, showered and slept.
  • FRIDAY: Woke up early and ran around like a mad woman packing up clothes and getting dressed so that I could go from work to Mauricio's. I wanted to stay at his house because the pool I was officiating at was 10 minutes from his house, and about 60 minutes from my house. Got to work. Finished the day early for once! YAY? Not really, I was told I had to stay until at least 6 or until the backed up useless worthless retarded busy work was finished. I stayed until 6:05. The BS work still wasn't finished. When I got out I called Mauricio and ranted and raved for a straight half hour about how stupid that place is and how I hate it and I want to quit and I need a new job, etc.
  • SATURDAY: Went to officiate. We had more lax rules for this meet, so no DQs. I hate when they do that. What's the point of me being there watching AWFUL swims that should deeq, if we aren't even enforcing the rules... (BTW I'm probably one of the meanest of the officials, I usually DQ everyone.) I got some awkward sunburns from my two hours outside... and at the same time I was COLD! I mean, come on! Went back to Mauricio's ate a sandwich went to get my hair done. My poor stylist/friend was something wrong with a tendon in her wrist so she was slow, and I felt bad. :( After Mauricio and I were finished with hair appts we picked up Chinese food and ate. Then I went home.
  • SUNDAY: Stayed home all day, other than the short running of errands to finish my swap packages. Spent some time playing with my dogs, did some knitting. Luke brought Sirius over and he and Bravo got into my Nana's goldfish pond. ROFL! I got ALL but one of the swap packages I'm working on done. HOORAY!!! The last one will finish tonight.
And now I'm going to take my two monsters outside, get dressed, leave for work and stop at the post office so I can mail my packages. Hear that Lydia? Your package is going out today! :)

And that's it for me for now. This week should be more of a normal week. AND I only work 4 DAYS!!! Because I'm going to San Diego for the weekend!!!