Thursday, October 30, 2008

My Halloween Pumpkins for 2008

So here they are I just barely finished. I decided to go with a Futurama theme... My other ideas wouldn't really fit in with the Halloween decorations that Mauricio got. Oh well, there'll bee more time next year. :)

I did Bender and Nibbler... 2 of my favorite characters. If I had a 3 pmpkin he would be Dr. Zoidberg, my favorite of all the characters on the show. :)

Anyways here's the pictures that I promised to post:

Who looks an awful lot like my Rocky. And if my Rocky had been my Rocky from the beginning and not adopted later, his name would possibly be Nibbler. (The other option would be Stitch. hahaha) I'm working on a Nibbler costume for Rocky...

the "bite my shiny metal @$$" pumpkin
I messed up his eyes and mouth (He's supposed to have more defined "teeth" and a cigar in his mouth.) a little bit, but he turned out okay.

And here they are together, with some light... Which shows Bender's imperfections quite a lot more.I also tried my entire costume on. It all fits and it looks cute... Although I haven't worn tights since I was 6... and I remember why, they itch and they're hot. :( I never found a black mini skirt that fit me so I have a dark grey one instead, and I swapped out my black boots to my pewter colored ones. :) I'll post pictures after I have some taken with Mauricio. (We're Speed Racer and Trixie... It doesn't look as good with us separated.) Rocky was going to be chim-chim and match us, but I ever found a mokey costume. So instead he's getting a last minute hand made nibbler costume. LOL He'll match the pumpkins instead of us. Mauricio decorated some today. We're going to finish up tomorrow. The party should be a blast!

Well, since I'll be busy tomorrow I won't be posting, but I'll leave you with this:



Anonymous said...

Your pumpkins are so cool! We'll be carving all day and setting up the last bits of our graveyard.

Have a fantastic Halloween!!!

Ronnica said...

I love the pumpkins, and can't wait to see the pics of you and Mauricio! :) (and Rocky, of course!) I should have pics of us and the girls up in the next day or so. I have to get the camera from my mom... she took the pics, LOL