Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Sorry for my recent inactivity

I went to the beach this weekend and stayed with my friend, Michelle. As a graduation gift she got us a complimentary room at the Casa del Mar in Santa Monica. When we got there we were upgraded to a 1 bedroom suite. It was beautiful. Not too mention insanely relaxing to get out of vegas and enjoy the ocean. (Sometimes it pays to work a crap office job when your bff is your boss and can totally hook you up with stuff like that.) We spent Saturday morning walking around the city, Saturday afternoon napping at the pool while we looked out at the ocean. Then sunday morning we had breakfast and spent the day at the beach. Then we had to drive home... :( Here are some pictures so that you can all be insanely jealous.
the Santa Monica Pier
Casa del Mar... I took this picture standing in the ocean
Our 1 bedroom suite
Michelle and I on the pier
(I have the white sweater, Michelle has the grey hoodie)

Michelle and I on the beach

Then yesterday the pregnant girl at work had her baby and finally started her maternity leave, so with the exception of today, I know have to work until 6 everyday. Which kind of sucks because I really started getting used to getting home early. Oh well, it's more money for me.

Today, my day off, my boyfriends boss totally hooked me and my friend Jamie up with a free cabana out at the Palms' pool. Those usually run at about $400 a day and so I'll be spending my entire day poolside having cocktails. (My boyfriend woks front desk at the Palms... I felt I should mention that)

Now I'm off to take Rocky to the vet and then get Jamie and head out to the pool. YAY! This is the last weekday that I will ever have off and I'm making it count.

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Ronnica said...

Wow! Sounds like you had a blast! Awesome! :)