Wednesday, April 2, 2008

I sent my swap package off today

I managed to find time to get my package to the post office today. I'm nervous for Lily Durmstrang to get it. I really hope that she likes what I put together.

In other news, I've noticed there is some discussion whether or not people will be keeping their names and such when the swaps over, and I think that I'm not. I'm actually rather fond of my real name, and maintaining 2 blogs is too much for me....

That being said my name is Lucy. And from this point forth I'll be posting at my non-swap, non-secret blog. As you can see there has been a severe lack of posts lately. I'll be remeding that very soon. Also I keep my ravelry updated pretty regurally.

I decided to "white out: that paragraph. Highlight it for a reveal of my true identity.

1 comment:

Lily Durmstrang said...

I did get your package and I absolutely love it! I love the needles and am excited about trying socks on 2 circular needles. I am currently in a knit along and I will be doing 10 pair of socks in the next 10 that was the perfect gift!!

I love the yarn too. The panda wool is amazing and the frog yarn is soooooooo soft and fuzzy. my husband immediately attacked the dark chocolate candy and i went for the truffles. I appreciate so much what you did for my kit!

I love it and couldn't have asked for more. :)
Sarah aka Lily