Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Happy Yarn Day

Okay, so it isn't actually "yarn day." I just got 4 skeins in the mail, so I am calling it "yarn day." I had ordered 2 skeins of Lorna's Laces in the Hawaii colorway and a skien of Cherry Tree Hill, and those came today. I have been wanting these colorways for FOREVER and despite my "no buying new yarn until you've knit you're other yarn" rule that I've inflicted upon myself, I bought them anyways. Last week was a really bad week and I need cheering up.

Here's a couple of pictures to show off the pretty colors:

I also got my first installment of the "Nefarious" sock club today. It's so awesome. I love it. It's a silky sock kettle dyed yarn in the colors of one of my all time favorite bad guys, Hannibul Lecter. It's really beautiful. (Although, I suppose it's weird to call something associated with Hannibal "beautiful." I really love silk yarn though...
In other knitting news, my current WIPs (the pink scarf, luke's scarf, and the hedwig socks) have all had progress made on them... I have a couple of photos of the scarves, but those are even a little old as I've made even more progress on them.

In non-knitting news, my contacts came today and now I don't have to wear my glasses all the time or swim blindly anymore. HOORAY!

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