Monday, April 7, 2008

Guess what I got in the mail today....

My swap package was in the mailbox when I came home today. It brightened an otherwise not-so-good day. (I hate Mondays.)

Here are some pictures. I actually restrained myself from ripping everything open so that I could take pictures I thought the presentation of the package was so beautiful.
And here are a few close ups of some of the items....
These are the stitch markers. Which I absolutely love. I think that they are so beautiful and so perfect.

LOVEThis is the yarn. It's Blue Sky alpaca silk. It's pretty much the softest yarn I've ever touched, and the most beautiful I have ever seen. My picture just doesn't do it justice. I it. I could not have asked for better Ravenclaw colors too. It's perfect. It's so soft and smooshy that I *almost* don't even want to knit it. I just want to rub it on my face (which I have been since the picture was taken).

Here are pictures of the bag, pattern, and needles:

I also got a keychain sock blocker, which I've always wanted.

I also got some wool washing soap, English Breakfast tea, and a Pecan Grizzlie (Yummy)....

Unfortunately the weather has taken a rather large spike upwards (it'll be approaching 90 this weekend!) so it's melty and I'm hoping that it hardens up so that I can enjoy it.

Thank you so much Cressida Townsbury! My package was perfect!


Anonymous said...

Very nice kit! That yarn looks yummy, so I can only imagine what it must feel like . . .

Cressida Townsbury said...

Wow, 90 degrees! Who would have guessed. We are still trying to get over 60 here. I am glad you liked the yarn (I wanted to keep petting it!).