Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Got My Kit!!!! SQUEE!

My kit was in my mailbox today!!!!! I have really been stalking my mail and checking it everyday with extra enthusiasm waiting for this moment! And really it didn't disappoint. I pretty much skipped down the hall from the mail back to home. :D

Rocky wouldn't get his nose out of MY box! Little butthead! ;)

My note! Shared, because it's in verse. And we all love the verse! :D

Everything unwrapped and moved to the table, where rocky couldn't get at it. Not that he'll mess with anything, but it's hard to take picture with his head in the way the whole time. :D
My very own Brea bag! :D With really cute lining!
My pattern (there's a story about this to follow), My new needles, and the front of my note/card
Luke used to ALWAYS blame things on rabid squirrels (he still will someimes). He would say things like they ate the last french fry/candy/whatever, or distracted him from doing something, etc. So he declared the rabid squirrels his no.1 enemy. THEN when we were both coaching we had a mock swim meet (it's a fundraiser plus gives the new kids the experience of a meet without the pressure). Luke decided that our groups were going to be teams and comptete against eah other. Mainly because he wanted to name his team "the barking mermaids" which he uses for everything. So I decided to then name my team "Rabid Squirrels." My kids got a huge kick out it and semi-terrorized Luke the week leading up to the meet. So when I saw the pattern name (Irate Squirrel Socks) I just about died laughing! LOL
My goodies from the Netherlands ... One chocolate bar is GONE! AND before dinner. Good thing I excuse all excessive eating between "the holidays." Starts with Halloween and end sometime around Easter. ;)
Christmas Tree ornaments! And they GLOW IN THE DARK!
The cutest little owl that opens and closes with a snap, and blue and silver stitch markers

My new yarn that was dyed by Eugene for me. I LOVE LOVE LOVE it! I love every color and it's SO pretty. I just wish I didn't have so many project already OTN b/c I want to use my new pretty yarn ;)
An attempt at a better view of the colors, it's dark and I don't have any natural light

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you Eugene! I love my whole kit!
It's beautiful and it's perfect and I'm so happy that I've been giddy and semi dancing around the house. (It's a good thing no one else is home, I'm sure it's embarassing.)

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