Friday, July 10, 2009

5 skeins of yarn in my mail today! 5!!!!

Seriously! I ad 5 skeins of sock yarn in my teeny tiny mailbox... I've been skipping around ever since. :)

First we have my cosmic fibers shipment. (They came together.) I had received roving for my nefarious shipment and decided I wanted the yarn too. :) So I now have the beautiful Alpaca/Silk other mother sock yarn. The other 3 were my "BuffyVerse" yarns. Buffy was my FAVORITE tv show when I was younger. And Angel was my first love... (not really, maybe) So I ordered Buffy on cashmere sock, Angel on silver silk sock and Fred on merino/tencel.

The 5th skein of yarn was the 2nd half of my birthday gift from Ronni. It's Woolen Mill St yarn by Christina Marie Potter in the Zoe colorway. Another yarn based on a Whedon fandom. LOL It's so so soft and so pretty. My other present was the super cute turtle sock blockers in the picture. ;) I have the best best friend in the whole world.

While I was in my giddy sock yarn picture taking bliss, I also snapped a couple of photos of my 2 most recent WIPs. My Montego Bay in my Rosalie yarn from the VSC... I've called it Rosalie Bay on Ravelry. Coincidently enough, there is an actual Rosalie Bay in the Carribean. The other is my titania socks, which I've named "She's a Knockout" after a Social D song. (For those who didn't know or notice, I name all my socks after songs.)

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