Monday, February 9, 2009

Ravenclaw Week 2 Assignment

1- What form does your Patronus take? What does it symbolize for you?
A Tiger - Strength, Independence, and Beauty... Plus they're cats that like the water. :)

2- Did you bring a cat, an owl, a toad, or other pet with you? What is their name?
I'd bring my completely non-magical, but far from ordinary pug Rocky :)
But I would like an owl, or another bird that would be useful as well.

3- What is your favorite class here at Hogwarts?
Transfiguration, Charms

4- What is worth sneaking out of the castle for, even if you got caught?
I'd sneak out for almost anything, and I'd be certain it was worth it each time. I'm a rebel like that. ;)

5- What has made you laugh so hard that you've had butterbeer come out your nose?
Just today... Aynsley listing her 5 words for me (see below), Logan telling me that he was so determined to play on the beach this weekend while he was in Long Beach so even though it was cold and rainy he apparently stripped to his underwear and stood in the cold water and played in the sand.... and of course there were all the funny names at work today... and then I laughed pretty hard at Michelle for one thing or another... and my mom had me laughing while I was playing slot machines with her this weekend. I laugh a lot. :)

6- What yarn do you covet? Link please...
my two dream yarns to have right now are:
Malabrigo Sock yarn (in persia or solis) and Handmaiden Sea Silk (in glacier or pewter) Or any color really, I just listed favorites. :)

7- What is your favorite flavor... the one thing you could simply not live without? Is brand important?
Is Diet Coke a flavor? because that would be it... and yes brand is important because I will not drink Pepsi... I also love chocolate (all but white) and raspberry :)

8- How many HSKS terms have you participated in?
this is my 5th year. :) Does that mean I have to take OWLs now?

9- Do you have a birthday, anniversary or other big Muggle event during this year at Hogwarts? If yes, please tell us what.
Nope. Not this time around. :)

I change my mind I have a very awesome 4 day long holiday! I'm going to visit Rowena Bladvak... My long lost twin and BFFFL and venture out of the southwest. (Seriously the furthest north or east I've ever been is Nashville, TN... and that was during the summer. I'm going to CT in the winter! There's SNOW there. hahahaha)

10- You in 5 words.
(I suck at this game, so I asked Aynsley who is on the phone with me to give me 5 words instead. Maybe it's cheating, but whatever...)
  1. bubbly (she stipulated "not in the cheerleader sense, but in the exploding freon & oil samples from works sense" ... That is a verbatim quote. And puts it over the 5 word limit, but she cracked me up.)
  2. sharp
  3. pixie-stick
  4. fashionable
  5. acute
If I chose my own 5 because I wasn't being lazy and kind of "out of it" I'd pick: snarky, rebellious, independent, smart and quirky... SO I did my own work anyways. LOL


Cassandra Goode said...

wow, now i also covet the Malabrigo sock yarn. in Violeta Africana :)

Anonymous said...

That HandMaiden Sea Silk is just ridiculous! There are like ... ALL THE COLORS that I want. ;-) I love it too. And your 5 words list is hysterical.. and I did laugh at the stripping in the rain thingie beacause my kid did almost the same thing!

Fiera Firenze said...

There is nothing wrong with being snarky and rebellious! lol

Ronnica said...

I like your list better than Aynsleys... Oh, and if you find Mal sock, can you tell me where so I can get some? LOL

Hermione Bagnold said...

Hahahaha! That quote for bubbly made me laugh! And I actually almost had tiger for my patronus...and oddly, for many of the same reasons! But somehow, I think an otter is more fitting for me...

YogaKnot said...

I love that you brought your pug to hogwarts. transfigurations and charms are awesome classes. i would have to agree with ronnie too that your list is better than aynsleys. :)

Tia said...

I like snarky.

AshAsh said...

Shh... don't tell, but my CAT Matilda is actually a dog... but she's small enough that I'm trying to pass her off as a cat. :)

CentyB said...

Those yarns are yummy! I touched the Mal sock at Stitches last fall and it's gorgeous. There were only four hanks left by the time I got to it :) No purchase though. I wouldn't mind some Handmaiden either.

Anonymous said...

You've been tagged for something silly on my blog! :-)