Monday, November 17, 2008

I'm actually blogging about knitting.

Now that my swap package has been sent and received, I'm going to explain a bit about why it was different... Since I had hinted at it before. This is my 4th HSKS and I've always spoiled Gryffindors. So this time I decided to change it a little bit and send off a Hermione-themed package... She is one of my favorite Gryffindor characters and has the some of the most wonderful knitted items in the movies. :) Here are a few pictures.

The handmade item is a HatMione. The patterns were for Gryffindor Pride socks (with knitpicks yarn) and HerMittens (with cascade 220 that matches the hat). There was a small "beaded" purse filled with her knitting needles (for both pattens), a row counter bracelet, (10) gryffindor stitch markers, and otter (Hermione's patronus) stitch markers. I also decorated a notebook for her in gryffindor colors and put the patterns in a red project folder. I also, of course, included some treats for her. :) All of it fits in a red tote bag that I found and monogrammed with her (muggle) initals.

Emma Scamander said she loves it! She also said that her camera is MIA... Which is easily understandable by me... My camera is MIA about 70% of the time... Which is also why I decided to post some pictures. :)


Now that I am finished with my kit, I've been furiously working on finishing my Christmas knitting.

Luke is getting his Slytherin scarf for Christmas. I am absolutely determined to finish it up... It's about half way there. If I get through at least one set of trapped bars a day I'll make the deadline. And I should be able to that as long as I knit while I watch tv every night.

My mom wants knitted pillows that are made to resemble some saw at West Elm. I've figured out the stitch pattern and started to get my gauge. They aren't too large of a project and it's a bulky weight yarn so they should go pretty quickly once I get all the kinks worked out...

I'll be posting some pictures of the Christmas knitting soon. :)


Shelby said...

I do love my kit so much!! And I finally got the pics up- sorry for the delay!! I finally had to break down and find the old camera and charge it so I could use it. My charger for my good camera is still MIA. I couldn't have asked for a better pal- you really made my day and the package came at the perfect time! Thanks so much!

Ronnica said...

How's Luke's scarf coming along? Are you still on schedule?