Saturday, October 3, 2009

Wishlist and Favorites

Favorite colors: blues, turquoise, pinks (but not mauve), (most) greens, purples, reds ... I like pretty much every color
Favorite scents: Vanilla, Jasmine, Lavender and some Raspberry if it's not overpowering ... I'm not big on scents really, I hate florals and I don't like things that smell like food, they just make me hungry
Favorite yarn brands: Malabrigo, Fresh from the Cauldron, Cosmic Fibers, Handmaiden, Knitpicks lace, Socks that Rock
Favorite yarn types (wool, cotton, etc.): Merino wools, Wool/Silk blends, nothing scratchy ... I REALLY love sock yarns, mostly hand dyed, and I've started to get into lace yarns too. I am not a fan of cottons. At all.... they hurt my hands to knit with. I also avoid acrylics that aren't an acrylic/wool blend because of the scratchy factor.
Favorite types of snacks: Oreos, Cheez-Its, Chips & Guacamole, Dos Equis

I knit. ... I have learned to crochet, but I've not really done much with it or picked it up.
My favorite projects are socks (which I seem to have difficulty finishing, SSS) and recently I've fallen in love with knitting lace and shawls. I don't do colorwork. It scares me. I haven't tried it yet but i don't have an interest in it either what with my never ending stash of sock yarn and tons of sock patterns and shawls for me to knit!
My favorite knitting needles are knitpicks nickel for circulars for lace or sock, knitpicks harmonies for DPNs... I also like the Addi Turbos for circulars as well. I REALLY would like to get a set of DPNs by Lantern Moon but I'll work on that want on my own. ;) Hooray for the holidays!
I also LOVE stitch markers. I make them; I buy them; I trade them with friends. I honestly do not think I'll ever have enough! I like to make sure that my projects have matching stitch markers. They need to match, but they also need to stand out so that I can see them. :)
My other hobbies include jewelry making (I also do stitch markers and row counter bracelets), sketching, reading, and swimming. Although nearly everything has taken a backseat to my knitting and swimming I've more or less quit. ;)

Allergies: some pollens and grasses, melons... Nothing that really pertains to the swap unless you're thinking of sending me flowers inside of a melon that I'm meant to eat, that could be hazardous.


Books that are on my "to buy" list:
Not that I necessarily WANT books in a kit, but they can give you an idea of patterns/tyoe of patterns to look for.
(links go to, I don't have an amazon wishlist because I share my amazon acct and I don't accidently want to be gift the BSG episode guide or something.)

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