Wednesday, August 19, 2009

GUESS WHAT!!?!?!?!?

I GOT A NEW JOB!!!!!!!!

I can't really announce or celebrate it like I want to yet in the muggle world because I've got to give notice and deal with the ramifications from that (they're going to be PISSED and take it as personal insult), so for now I'm celebrating here!

I'm still not going to be working in my field, but I'm switching to a job at the law firm my brother works at. They're willing to be flexible with my hours so I can go back to school. (My current job was pissed that I needed to adjust my shift to 3 minutes earlier for one class.) I get benefits, I'm still full time, and I have to work close with my brother. Everyone there seemed really a lot more laid back and mature than where I am now. Yesterday they took me to lunch, and then at the office hashed out a few details and said they would call and let me know. ... I wasn't even out of the parking garage and they said "We'll take you on as soon as you can start and match your pay rate!" Plus he added the "sooner the better."

I'm so excited....


Dragonsinger said...

*casts spell so muggles can't hear*

YAY! Congrats :D

Ronnica said...


Mary said...

WOW Thats Great!!!!