Saturday, January 24, 2009

1st post of the new term

Look at Sirius the puppy!
Isn't he so cute?

(My idiot brother actually gave him the stupid name of Apollo, but I'm working on convincing him that his real name is Sirius... He even has HUGE paws... That's padfoot. And I know it! LOL He even has a little gryffindor scarf. Maybe I'll steal him and convert him to Ravenclaw...)

Okay so I don't have much of one... Especially with anything that's knitting related or remotely affordable, I kind of get myself most of the things that I want... So I'm grasping at straws and really trying here... If I come up with anything else I'll add it. :)
  • I'd like new cable needles... My favorite U-Shaped one totally disappeared and I've looked everywhere and have no idea where they went or ended up
  • Malabrigo yarns... I never say no to those, and I always want them... My favorite...
  • Something I want, but by all means do not need: Knitting needle cases that would match my knitting bags... meaning zebra print, hot pink, red, surfer/hawaiin flower designs in hed/hot pink/black/white combos. It's entirely unnecessary, I already have needle cases for all my needles, but it is a wish of mine.


  • For jewelry: Nickel, nickel-hybrid metals... I cannot wear jewelry that isn't sterling silver or at least 10K gold... So generally I just tell people not to buy me it. Even the "hypo allergenic nickel-free" stuff has caused bad reactions with my skin. And some silver earrings too, because the dangly part will be sterling, but the posts that go in the ear will be a nickel-hybrid metal.
  • Most grasses and hay and some pollen... I get hay fever. Its awful...
  • No food allergies to speak of BUT I abhor mushrooms. I refuse to eat foods that even touch mushrooms. (I know, it's very juvenile of me. ::eye roll::) I also hate bananas or anything banana flavored.

Here are some of my "top 5" lists...
That may actually be more helpful :)

Favorite Movies:
  1. Knocked Up
  2. Pineapple Express
  3. Roman Holiday
  4. the Departed
  5. Forgetting Sarah Marshall
Favorite Disney Movies:
  1. The Little Mermaid
  2. Beauty and the Beast
  3. Monsters, INC
  4. Mary Poppins
  5. Lilo & Stitch
Favorite TV Shows (still on tv):
  1. Dexter
  2. Scrubs
  3. Mad Men
  4. True Blood
  5. Bones
Favorite TV Shows (no longer on tv):
  1. Freaks & Geeks
  2. Buffy/Angel
  3. Pushing Daisies (technically, still on... but on it's way out :( Only 2 episodes left, if they ever even get played)
  4. 6 Feet Under
  5. Veronica Mars
Favorite Bands:
  1. The Beatles
  2. Flogging Molly
  3. Bad Religion
  4. the Offspring
  5. the Lawrence Arms
Favorite Songs:
(should be current 5 most played songs LOL)
  1. RL Burnouts Inc. - the Falcon
  2. Love Love, Kiss Kiss - Alkaline Trio
  3. Mean Streak - American Steel
  4. Lilly - Pink Martini
  5. Bruises - Chairlift
Favorite Candies/Sweets:
  1. Snickers
  2. Hershey's Kisses
  3. Mike & Ikes
  4. Oreos
  5. Golden Spoon frozen yogurt, especially the raspberry and boysenberry flavors
Favorites Foods:
(you'll notice two themes: Mexican/Latin food and potatoes)
  1. Chicken Enchiladas
  2. Guacamole
  3. French Fries
  4. Potato Soup
  5. Papa Rellena
Favorite Books:
  1. The Great Gatsby
  2. Thnigs Fall Apart
  3. The House of God
  4. The Once and Future King
  5. Harry Potter and the Order of the Pheonix
5 Favorite Book Series:
  1. Harry Potter (of course)
  2. Sookie Stackhouse/Southern Vampire Mysteries
  3. Twilight
  4. Stephanie Plum
  5. Dexter
5 Favorites from Harry Potter:
  1. Favorite Book: Order of the Phoenix
  2. Favorite Movie (so far): Order of the Phoenix
  3. Favorite Character: Dobby
  4. Favorite HUMAN Character: Sirius
  5. Favorite Class: Transfiguration


Hermione Bagnold said...

That is one cute puppy! I definitely think he's worth "converting" to Ravenclaw! We can keep him in the tower! :) Hello, Sirius!

Ronnica said...

Srsly? Things Fall Apart? Is there ANYTHING we DON'T have in common? LOL I loved that book! Have you read A Fine Balance?

Megaera Black said...

I have the same reactions to earrings too!

I love Veronica Mars and was very sad when it ended. Too bad the trailer about Veronica being in the FBI will never happen, might have been good TV.

Ronnica said...

I just re-read this, got all excited about Things Fall Apart, scrolled down, realized that I ALREADY got all excited, and rolled my eyes at myself. Just thought you'd like to know. LMAO!