Wednesday, July 2, 2008

US Olympic Trials Swimming

This is a rambling post about swimming. 
The Olympic Trials are a big deal for me

I can not express how freaking excited and obsessed I have been since I can actually, for once, watch my favorite sport of all sports on tv during prime time. I love the olympics! It gets swimming on tv, and it gets other people interested and they'll actually listen when I start talking about swimming. I can name more swimmers than I can any other athletes... and I watch soccer and football and baseball... I just love swimming the best.

I was a competitive swimmer for years, although never good enough to ever do as well as any olympian... and I was a competitive swim coach for even more years. Both my brothers are swimmers, my "adopted" little sister is a swimmer. And she's a really good one too! She even is at the trials now, not swimming, but to watch. She bought me a shirt! (It's a Natalie Coughlin one ;) That's her in the picture. She's my favorite.) And I kid you not one of the 8 year old little boys I used to coach will be the next Phelps.. he's so good already...

Anyways... this week has been me cutting out of work early and racing home to yell at the tv and watch Phelps and Coughlin break world records. I have been so excited. I can't even begin to explain... and I'm trying to right here and now, because I think my friends and family (meaning my parents) have exhausted their patience with my swim rambling. hahaha. April and I watched the 400 IM on sunday night before she left to go see the meet in person.. (I'm jealous... really I am) and we literally scream at the tv like crazy drunk football fans... it's even sadder because later on I do it all by myself too. I thought I was going to cry when Coughlin broke her own back record in finals last night... AND I am not a crier! hahaha

I'm done for now... I may be back tomorrow with another ramble... I love this week.

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