Monday, January 21, 2008

Ravenclaw Quiz 2, and an update

1. Triwizard Tournament
2. Hungarian Horntail
3. Mad-Eye Moody

4. Rita Skeeter
5. Unspeakables
6. Snuffles
7. Pensieve
8. Imperius
9. Butterbeer
10. Firebolt


I managed to finish a scarf this weekend while watching American Muggle Football. (WOW that's a lot of adjectives for one sport!) I must admit I'm a fan despite all the sillyness involved in the sport. However, my favorite team didn't win, and will not be going to the superbowl. I am very sad about this, but I am happy to have completed my scarf. It is rather lovely. It took me about 2 weeks to finish. Now I need to start my next project. I'm debating between a a lace-ish scarf (which would be a first for me, I want to do this pattern. The pictures on Ravelry sold it for me.) or a pair of socks knitted with 2 circulars (another first for me.) I made a poll to help decide this matter. PLEASE VOTE IN THE SIDEBAR, If you choose other, please comment with your idea.

I also did a bit of shopping this weekend for my swap. I've decided on the sock yarn, I've got the pattern picked out, and I've already made stitch markers. I've also planned some extras already. UnfortunatlyI'm still a little undecided on the bag. I know that I want to knit it, mainly because my sewing is awful, and I don't really want to have to depend on my cousin or my mother to help me. I'm going back and forth between felting or not, lining the bag or not, using 2 colors or one. I have too many ideas, and I need fewer.

I have finally broken down and started wearing my school uniform. Apparently school is not the place for ripped jeans, and rocking out on the bass. Well, I'm still wearing my ripped jeans. I think they're too comfortable to give up. And I managed to use a charm to change my bass to be blue so now it's house pride colors! I've also given up playing indoors, I'd hate to disrupt any studying or class time.

I'm getting the hang of using magic more and more. I transfigured poor Rocky into a cat the other night while I was practicing. He wasn't too happy about it and neither were several of my roommates who are allergic to cats. I turned him back into a pug, and he seems happier now.

Unfortunatley I will be unable to make either of the weekly ravenclaw knitting meetings. I have too many classes. (Out of Character note: That is a serious fact, I'm in class for the Tuesday afternoon meetings and at work for the Wednesday night meetings. Time zone changes are a pain.) I'm sad to miss them, but I have noticed that several of my classmates have been taking notes during them and updating. I'll be reading their blogs to find out what happens.

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Lavender said...

Hi Selina! I couldn't make the chat last night either but I logged on an hour later and people were still there. So maybe you could try that? Or else check with Minerva or Neila first but you can probably just pick a time that *does* work for you, and post an invitation in the main blog...
Hope to see you in the common room soon :-)