Thursday, February 28, 2008

My Ravenclaw Homework

1. What colorless and odorless potion forces the drinker to tell the truth?

2. If the spell to Apparate goes wrong and leaves half of you behind, you have been what?

3. Who wrote the Standard Books of Spells Grades 1 and 2?
Miranda Goshawk

4. What is it called when brother wands meet?
Priori Incantatem

5. Name the charm used by Ludo at the World Cup to amplify his voice.

6. For what is the charm Aparecium used?
To make invisible ink appear/become visible

7. What charm requires the use of a Secret-Keeper?
Fidelius Charm

8. What color should the Strengthening Potion be?
Clear Turquoise

9. What plants are used in preparing a confusing potion?
Scurvy-grass, lovage, and sneezewort

10. What condition is cured by Glumbumble?
Hysteria caused by eating Alihotsy leaves

11. What potion makes a werewolf safe so he can keep his mind when he transforms, and what substance makes it useless?
Wolfsbane Potion, which is negated by Sugar

12. When does Fluxweed, an ingredient used in making Polyjuice Potion, have to be picked?
At the full moon

13. What color should a Shrinking Solution be?
Bright acid green

14. What potion is made from asphodel and wormwood?
Draught of Living Death

15. For what are Jobberknoll feathers used?
Memory Potions and Truth Serums

Monday, February 18, 2008

Qudditch Round 2

Quidditch ~ Round Two
1. With whom does Ginny go to the Yule Ball?
a. Neville
b. Dean
c. Seamus
d. Harry
2. When Harry arrives at the Burrow and Mrs. Weasley makes them all dinner the night before they leave for the Quidditch World Cup, what does her wand turn into?
a. rubber mouse
b. rubber chicken
c. rubber duck
d. rubber cat

3. Since some of the sixth-year girls didn't have any quills on them, what did they think Krum might sign their hats in?
a. nail polish
b. eyeliner
c. lipstick
d. lipliner
4. How old does the Quick Quotes Quill say that Rita Skeeter is?
a. 43
b. 44
c. 34
d. 33
5. What color cloak is wormtail wearing in the Riddle house?
a. Grey
b. Black
c. Gold
d. Silver
6. What color is "Mad Eye" Moody's magical eye?
a. Green
b. Hazel
c. Brown
d. Blue
7. What color are the robes that Rita Skeeter was wearing when Harry meets her at the Weighing of the Wands ceremony?
a. Lilac
b. Magenta
c. Mauve
d. Cerise
8. What does Sirius Black tell Harry, Ron and Hermione to call him when speaking around anyone else?
a. Tibbles
b. Snuffles
c. Scruffy
d. Padfoot
9. Which team beat Wales, disqualifying them from competing for the Quidditch World Cup?
a. Hungary
b. Romania
c. Uganda
d. Luxembourg
10. What does Madame Maxime say is the only thing her steeds will drink?
a. cabernet sauvignon
b. bourbon
c. single-malt whiskey
d. gin and tonics

Picture Hunt

Goblet of Fire

Madam Maxime

Dragon from first challenge

Viktor Krum

Madam Pomfrey

Friday, February 15, 2008

Ravenclaw homework

1. What is Professor McGonnagall's first name? Minerva
2. Who is the librarian of Hogwarts? Madame Irma Pince
3. What is Madam Rosmerta's job? Owner/barkeep at The Three Broomsticks
4. What is Rita Skeeter's secret? She is an unregistered animagus (beetle)
5. Madam Hooch is instructor of what subject? Flying, and she refs quidditch
6. Who is Parvati Patil's best friend? Lavender Brown
7. What Quidditch position does Cho Chang play? Seeker
8. What is the name of Fleur Delacour's little sister? Gabrielle Delacour
9. Who is professor of Divination? Sybill Trelawney
10. Who wrote "A History of Magic"? Bathilda Bagshot

These past two weeks have been really hectic. Next week is loooking to be bad too.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

I have every intention of making a better post later today. I've had a crazy week, and next week promises to be crazier.

I got the sock yarn for my pal. I think it's perfect gryffindor sock yarn. I hope she likes it.