Thursday, August 27, 2009

I finally picked my kit up!!!

It was being held hostage at the post office for the past two days. But I went this morning and got my charms kit from Dan'Azraella Deamonova. Here are the pictures:

Notice my beads are in my Ravenclaw colors. :D Thanks so much Dan'Azraella Deamonova!!!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Ishbel Progress Day 1

I've got 123 stitches on the needle and no mistakes. :) I SHOULD finish the stockinette portion this week. It's very pretty so far. Plus this yarn is so soft and so pretty. I need my new addi turbos to get here soon though because I'm pretty much at the end of space on my 16" circular... They should be here tuesday. If not I've got some scarves (actually 1 scarf, and my own starter that I'm re-starting) from scarf travels to work on.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

It's a Miracle

I finished a scarf in less than 2 months! That's a record for me. Usually I get bored and the project gets too redundant and I quit. I actually probably knit most of this in about a months time, but there were about 3 weeks after I came back from vacation that I never touched it because I was either tired or busy or sick or wallowing in my own misery because I hated my job so much. (Have I mentioned that I quit, and got a new job and I'm THRILLED!) .... Moving On ... Rosalie Bay is completed! I LOVE this scarf! It's so soft and so pretty and really very beautiful in person. I love the colors. I love the yarn. It's just beautiful.

The next project that I'm going to attempt is my very own Ishbel. I'm going to cast-on tomorrow because this is my first time doing a shawl and I'm too tired to attemt it at the moment. Plus, all of my late night cast ons are generally disasters. So I'll wait until I'm refreshed tomorrow. LOL I'm using my Cosmic Fiber Aquila in Other Mother from the nefarious club. The plan is to do the stockinette portion for the small shawl and the lace portion for the large shawl and get sort of a medium size. Rowena is going to KAL with me. She'll probably kick my @$ at it, but it's not a contest. I'm hoping to be able to use her to help me. ;) I've ordered some new Addi Lace needles that shoud be here soon, but I'm impatient so I'm starting on a 16" circular. I already added all the details to ravelry because I'm THAT excited and ready to go. (This also motivated me to finish the scarf much quicker.)


Friday, August 21, 2009

Calculus Joke

sin(x), cos(x) and e^x go to a bar. sin(x) and cos(x) are out having a good time and partying it up, but e^x is sitting at the table by himself. son(x) goes ove to him and say "e^x get out there and have some fun! what are you doing?" e^x replies, "What's the point? If I integrate or differentiate I just stay the same."

(I love this joke.)

P.S. ("I seldom drink beer, but when I do is Dos Equis")

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

GUESS WHAT!!?!?!?!?

I GOT A NEW JOB!!!!!!!!

I can't really announce or celebrate it like I want to yet in the muggle world because I've got to give notice and deal with the ramifications from that (they're going to be PISSED and take it as personal insult), so for now I'm celebrating here!

I'm still not going to be working in my field, but I'm switching to a job at the law firm my brother works at. They're willing to be flexible with my hours so I can go back to school. (My current job was pissed that I needed to adjust my shift to 3 minutes earlier for one class.) I get benefits, I'm still full time, and I have to work close with my brother. Everyone there seemed really a lot more laid back and mature than where I am now. Yesterday they took me to lunch, and then at the office hashed out a few details and said they would call and let me know. ... I wasn't even out of the parking garage and they said "We'll take you on as soon as you can start and match your pay rate!" Plus he added the "sooner the better."

I'm so excited....

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Crazy Times

Due to unforeseen circumstances (I fail at divination) involving work, family, Mauricio, Rocky and internet usage I've not been able to post much. I've been trying to keep up with reading the posts and everything but I haven't done too great at it. :( I think I've done okay though. Bevin's kit is now officially in the post (minus the unprintable pattern)! I dropped it off tonight! I'm really excited for here to get it. I really hope she likes it.

In other news:
Last week I received an awesome WWW! It really made me laugh, which was greatly appreciated in a stressful time. :) Thanks! Cassie C. :)
(See below, you can click on it to get a better look)
The day that it arrived in the mail Luke happened to be over. Mauricio came home and brought the mail with him and said, "Who's Fluer Sweeting?" And when I answered, "Me. That's my Harry Potter name." Both he and my brother cracked up. Apparently it's that funny. :) LOL I put on my new curse free ring on a certain finger and showed it to them both. ;)

(I almost think I'd rather have the diamond and 100 years of sleep, especially if I don't have to age in that sleep... and Maybe I'll just make Rocky sleep too, that way when i wake up I won't be lonely. LOL)

In the area concerning my knitting, I've not got much to show, or talk about for that matter. The only thing I've really worked on is my Rosalie Bay. It's coming along rather well. I'm in love with it. :) It's pretty mindless so I can work on it while I watch tv or am talking to someone or am so tired I can't really concentrate much.

I've also gotten some (more) new sock yarns. Claudine (black/teal/green/purple) and Pam (pinks) came for the August shipment of the VSC. I also bought some new handdyed yarn at Knit Las Vegas when I went there with Aynsley. I love how bright that one is! :) I need to get to the sock knitting!

That's it for now. I should be blogging more regurally now!

Saturday, August 8, 2009


Another week is over. I'e been busy finishing up scarves for the scarf travels group I'm in with Ronni. (Right now I'm finishing her scarf to get it mailed off.) I got one of my scarves back today with all 10 sections done. :-D I also got another VSC package in the mail this week. I'm going to do a massive picture post later on today, or tomorrow if I don't get the time today.

Today I've got lunch with Aynsley. And the plan is to see a movie with Mauricio, maybe. LOL Tomorrow we're going to his grandparents for lunch and they're fixxing papa rellena with is my favorite Cuban food.... mmmmm....


I'l be back later with pics! :)

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Real Quick

I've had a really busy week at work between other people's vacations and illnesses and family illnesses. I've not had much time on the computer. I'm spending the day running errands mostly but wanted to get my weekly post in.

My kit is ready to be shippped, but I'm having issues with printing the pattern because the printer is being tempermental.

I'll blog more later tonight. :)